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Audio link – WCHL Interviews Gregg Gerdau on October 10th, 2019

Everything You Never Knew About Coworking.  

You might not think coworking is for you.  But at their core, coworking spaces are intended to make finding and using a workplace as easy as possible.  Everyone can benefit from that.

It’s not just for entrepreneurs and startups.  Anyone can use and benefit from coworking’s flexible subscription periods and frictionless accessibility, not to mention the many amenities.

We know you may still have questions, so we’re diving into some of the most commonly asked questions about coworking.

  • How did coworking spaces come about?

 A few years ago, as businesses and companies started embracing more flexible working environments, coworking spaces burst onto the scene.

The coworking industry grew more and more as people realized the system helps everyone involved.

The owners of the spaces benefit when a company finds success, as the expanding company uses more space and refers others to the workspace, too.  Meanwhile, tenants get a flexible, stress-free place to get the work that needs doing, done.  Those tenants are also surrounded by networking and growth opportunities.

  • Why choose a coworking space?

Flexibility and ease of access are just two of the many benefits of using coworking spaces.  Carolina Coworking offers everything you might need in a day’s work, including:

  • Free color printing
  • High-speed Wi-Fi
  • Unlimited fresh gourmet coffee, hot tea, spring water and cold sodas
  • Full kitchen with microwave, fridge and coffee air-pots and hot water for tea
  • Large break area
  • Shower and mother’s room
  • Business and meeting support
  • State-of-the-art digital Projection and Audio technology
  • Flexible furniture
  • Mobile Whiteboards
  • Stand-up conference and meeting areas
  • Motorized Sit-Stand desks in private offices
  • Color printing, copying and scanning
  • Locked storage spaces
  • Soundproof phone rooms
  • Accessible elevator
  • And more…

Coworking spaces allow for interaction with people from any number of industries, plus the positive psychological effects associated with working alongside others.

Seriously – there’s published research in the Harvard Business Review showing that coworking spaces create strong feelings of community and more meaningful work.

  • Do I have to sign a lease?

Nope!  Carolina Coworking prides itself on offering flexible subscriptions and agreements for all types of business.

Don’t lock yourself in.  Talk to the Community Director and find the right plan for you!  Details about rates can be found on our website.

  • What type of people use coworking spaces?

You might assume coworking spaces are only for startups.  Not true!

The short answer: Anyone who wants a stress-free place to work.  The long answer: Entrepreneurs, freelancers, business professionals, students, interviewers, creatives and more.

Coworking spaces are for anybody who wants to work on their own schedule without worrying about the administrative details (or expenses) of leasing office space.

Recent examples at Carolina Coworking include:

  • Software developers working for a financial service firm in New York City
  • The Chapel Hill-Carrboro Chamber of Commerce needed a flexible conference room space for its member meetings
  • A consultant who needed a place to work also close to lunch spots for client meetings
  • A student who needed to host a focus group for a class project
  • A news organization that was displaced from its office for a small period of time
  • A nursing student instructor who frequently needs a place to host online video training sessions
  • Employees of several large organizations who need a place to develop their side hustle


  • What sort of opportunities for growth are available at Carolina Coworking?

At Carolina Coworking, Gregg Gerdau, the founder and Community Director, focuses on the professional workplace – but also on growth and development as people and their businesses.

The workspace offers professional networking events, business development and one-on-one coaching and support.

Attend a “lunch and learn” event and meet with expert advisors across a number of fields, from branding to startup law to social media marketing.  You can get valuable advice and form connections in a friendly, informal environment.

You can also drop into the Community Director’ss office with a quick question, or stop by and visit the Executive in Residence.  Resources abound for anyone trying to develop themselves or their businesses at Carolina Coworking.

One recent event involved three of the largest of angel investor groups in the Triangle delivering reverse pitches. They informed a large audience audience why they should apply for funding through their funds and networks.

  • Where is Carolina Coworking?

Carolina Coworking is conveniently located in the heart of Chapel Hill Innovation District at 206 West Franklin Street. Our immediate neighbors include Google, Tibco, the UNC University Development Offices and Innovate Carolina – the UNC Vice Chancellor for Innovation team.

Within walking distance, you can reach Target, Starbucks, Panera, Mediterranean Deli and more.  It’s this location that makes it such an attractive place for professionals, creatives, researchers and university students alike.

There are many transportation options as well.  Between a nearby parking deck, multiple bus routes, carpooling and more, there’s something to accommodate your needs!

More details about transportation in Chapel Hill can be found here.