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Carolina Coworking Community Norms

Updated 02/21/2020

As a registered member of Carolina Coworking, we (and your fellow members) encourage and expect you to take pride and ownership in your community. Here’s how:

  1. Carolina Coworking is a place to work; please refrain from bringing in small children or loud gatherings.
  2. Every person using Carolina Coworking MUST be a registered member.
  3. Regarding meeting space resources:
    1. You MUST reserve the Conference Center, Meeting Room and Stand Up Meetings resources
    2. You may not re-sell or donate your meeting space resources time
    3. You may purchase more time at a discounted rate
    4. Hours do NOT roll over or accumulate
  4. Regarding coworking areas:
    1. Please make phone calls inside one of the Call Rooms, outside, or by reserving a meeting resource if your call will last longer than 30 minutes.
    2. Speaker phones are NEVER allowed in the coworking area.
    3. A landline Polycom speakerphone is proved in Call Room One for registered members’ use.
  5. Please occupy only one desk at a time in the coworking area.
  6. The “One Hour Rule”: if you’ll be gone for longer than an hour, please pack your stuff up so your coworking desk is available for another member.
  7. We cannot allow dogs or pets (except service animals) at Carolina Coworking.
  8. Carolina Coworking is a smoke-free facility (including vapor). Please smoke/vape outside 20 feet away from windows and doors.
  9. You will hear other members having private conversations, as well as others may hear your conversations. You may also see private projects, or may be working on a private project – by reading these community norms, and the attached TOU, you are acknowledging terms of confidentiality to your fellow members along with yourself.
  10. Please refrain from bringing in strong scented food, or perfumes. Do not burn incense, candles or humidifiers, or plug in any sort of perfumes.
  11. Members may NOT spend their days soliciting to other members.
  12. Anyone caught stealing will automatically have their membership terminated. Legal action may apply.