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Did you know there’s a coworking space right here in the Chapel Hill Innovation District?

Maybe you’ve heard of Carolina Coworking, but didn’t know what it was or if it was for you.

In fact, coworking spaces are for anyone who needs a flexible, quiet and professional place to work, make phone calls, host events and more.  It’s not just for remote employees and it’s not just for startups.

Anyone can benefit from frictionless workspaces available at Carolina Coworking.

Gregg Gerdau, the founder and Community Director of Carolina Coworking, has insights to share on the many ways you can use a coworking space.  Let’s dive in and find out if coworking is right for you.

  • What is Carolina Coworking?

 Coworking spaces aren’t new.  Any time you’ve ever worked in a coffee shop or in a library, you were coworking.

Carolina Coworking takes the energy and community of group work and applies it to a professional office setting, allowing for month-to-month subscriptions, plus daily, weekly and as-needed usage of creative space, private offices, meeting and conference spaces.

At Carolina Coworking, you can rent a designated desk or private office, or you can float and work wherever you feel comfortable that day.  There are private phone rooms, a fully-stocked kitchen with plentiful gourmet hot coffee and a high-tech conference center – just to name a few amenities.

  • 10 ways to use the space at Carolina Coworking

 1. Ask questions and share insights.

The purpose of a coworking space is to provide a shared space where professionals, creatives, researchers and students can work on whatever they need to.  Your coworkers are valuable resources for you to ask questions as you work alongside them.

Sharing your workspace with other entrepreneurs and remote employees allows you to network, too.

Beyond the other coworkers in the space, Gregg Gerdau, the founder and Community Director, as well as Bryan Hassin, the Executive-in-Residence, both have offices accessible to those working in the space.

Both Gregg and Hassin have valuable business and entrepreneurship experience and are excellent resources available to answer any questions you may have.

  1. Make pitches.

Entrepreneurship, innovation and coworking go hand-in-hand.  That means many people use coworking spaces like Carolina Coworking for pitching and building ideas.

Carolina Coworking offers flexible, professional space with all the necessary amenities for its coworkers.  Whether you need a full conference room for a big pitch or a small, quiet room to make an important phone call to a potential investor, Carolina Coworking has the space.

Before pitches come the ideas.  There are plenty of whiteboards and flexible spaces for you to hash out your ideas before they’re pitch-ready.

  1. Establish connections and build your network.

You can make connections and establish a professional relationship with the other coworkers in Carolina Coworking as you work alongside them.

Gregg also understands the importance of networking and building connections when you are starting a new business or a growing a small business.  He provides his expertise to all coworkers in the office to help them grow as people and as businesses.

“I can help find the right connections and get the warm introductions you need,” Gregg says.

  1. Work remotely.

If you work for a company whose headquarters are out of state or inconvenient to commute, Carolina Coworking welcomes remote employees.

Different from a home office, Carolina Coworking offers you a more professional setting with “traditional” office amenities – not to mention the bonuses of working in a very innovative location.

Your home office might be comfortable, but it’s also full of distractions – laundry, kids, dogs and neighbors, just to name a few.  At Carolina Coworking, work alongside other focused people, with access to Franklin Street restaurants, hot coffee and great Wi-Fi all day long.

  1. Host conferences and big events

Finding a conference space in Chapel Hill is extremely difficult.

You don’t need to be a current Carolina Coworking subscriber to rent out its large, high-tech conference space.  Anyone can contact Gregg and rent out space at Carolina Coworking for however long you need it, as long as it is available.

This flexibility is combined with comfortable spaces that fit a large number of people, creating an ideal place for a conference or big event.  Fresh coffee flows, along with tea, soda, spring water and a numerous catering possibilities nearby.

The Conference Center at Carolina Coworking is perfect for any type or size meeting or event, and the audio and visual technologies are state-of-the-art.

  1. Do school work.

Carolina Coworking isn’t just for professionals – it’s for anyone who needs a flexible, quiet and professional place to get work done.

With its close proximity to UNC’s campus, this makes it a great place for students to concentrate on schoolwork and collaborate on group projects.

It can be hard to book a study room or a space big enough for a group project, but professors assign this sort of work more than ever before.  Talk to Gregg and find the right place for your group work.

And if you just need somewhere quiet with an endless stream of hot, gourmet coffee, there’s a desk for you.

  1. Start a business.

 There are so many resources available to starting and growing businesses in Chapel Hill – starting with business-savvy Gregg and Bryan, who are waiting in Carolina Coworking to help you.

That makes Carolina Coworking the perfect environment for you to start and grow your business endeavor.  You can even get direct mail addressed to a business office address.

Innovation is important to Gregg and the team at Carolina Coworking.  He hopes to provide everything any growing business might need in the frictionless, flexible workspace.

  1. Collaborate.

You never know who you’ll sit next to at Carolina Coworking.  But you can assume everyone in the room has valuable insights and experiences.  After all, Carolina Coworking attracts some of the brightest minds in innovation and business in Chapel Hill.

Whether it’s sourced from their profession, their expertise in business or their networks, the people sitting around you at Carolina Coworking are great resources.

Who knows – you may walk in working for one business, and may leave having started another.

  1. Interviews.

If you’re looking for the right job for you or hiring the perfect employee for your growing business, it can be hard to find a place to carry out a normal conversation – let alone a professional interview.  We all know how crowded and noisy cafes and restaurants can be.

Carolina Coworking is quiet, professional and accessible.  Plenty of workspaces are appropriate for interviews.

If you want to make an impression, talk to Gregg about the flexible spaces available at Carolina Coworking.

  1. Make professional calls.

 Have you ever hopped on a Zoom call with a colleague or a potential client, only for your landscaper to fire up the lawn mower right outside your window?  Or worse?

 Yep.  We know how it goes.

Carolina Coworking has quiet phone rooms as well as private offices for anyone who needs peace and quiet to make professional phone calls during the day.  Don’t worry about disturbing others – close the door and you’re in your own world.

 Carolina Coworking: What you need in a workspace, when you need it

Carolina Coworking is the No. 1 flexible workspace in Chapel Hill.  Ready to work in a furnished private office, coworking desk or host a  conference or event?

Contact Carolina Coworking today.